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« Painting expresses the great rule of metamorphosis of the world, the essential beauty of mounts, the shape and momentum of rivers, the perpetual activity of the Creator, the flow of yin and yang; through the brush and ink, it grasps all creatures of the Universe and sings in me its joy. »

Shitao (1642-1707)

Sumi-e (painting with India ink) rests upon the very search of balance between an outer look and an intimate freedom, source of the pleasure to created with the simple stroke on white paper

Sumi-e let the artist write a painting. Painting and writing, gather in a common source of inspiration.

For centuries, the sumi-e painter tries to reproduce the spirit of things, with economy, pace and dexterity, being more suggestive than detailed.

This ease let the viewver sense the deep ability of observation, then of abstraction, the calligrapher-painter needs to pass the gap between a tangible reality and his or her own vision, essentially spiritual, being a reflect of his or her own inner thoughts.

The sumi-e artist will only reach his or her aim with respect of the following fundamental principles:

  • meditation before action
  • exclusive use of black ink
  • focus on the body and the tools
  • perception of the structural lines of the subject
  • execution of strokes without hesitation, with no turning back, while avoiding to fill all the white of the painting, perceived as a space of liberty, a silence to preserve, an opening toward infinity



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